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Car Driving on a Snowy road


Winter always tends to catch drivers by surprise, especially when roads are icy. To help keep you safe, Mid-Toronto Mitsubishi has prepared a few winter driving tips to help keep you collision free this season.


Winter Tires


Winter tires are a must in cold weather. Tires can harden with the temperatures drop leaving you with less traction between the road and your tires. Winter tires use special rubber compounds that stay flexible in the cold, giving you better grip and even improved braking in extreme conditions.

Snowy tires

Don't "Pump" Your Breaks


If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-locking braking system (ABS) do not pump your brakes. You should apply constant pressure and let

the system do its work.


A man using jumpere cables in the winter

Be Prepared


Keep a snow scraper in a car, along with a small shovel, jumper cables for your battery and a flashlight. This way if there's a possible emergency, you'll be well equipped.

Lights On


Turn on your lights to increase your visibility.


Drive Slow &



Try to not make any abrupt turns or stops. Doing so can cause your vehicle to skid and lose control with its icy out. Driving too fast is the main cause for winter accidents. Be sure to drive slowly and to be extra careful on snow and ice-covered roads.

An SUV driving through the snow

No Cruise Control


We wouldn't recommend using cruise control if conditions are snowy, icy or even just wet. This is because if your car hydroplanes, your car will try to accelerate and you may lose control of your vehicle.


A windy road in the winter surrounded by trees

Brake Before

Making Turns


Make sure to slowly reduce your speed before making a turn. Once you've rounded the corner it should be safe to accelerate again.

Don't Tailgate


Tailgating can be dangerous and even more so in the winter because stopping takes much longer on a snowy/icy road. Always be sure to leave enough room between your vehicle and the one in front of you


Learn How To

Control Skids


If you start to skid, you need to go against your natural instincts and turn into the skid while accelerating. Doing this transfers the weight of the vehicle from the front to the rear and will usually help gain the control of your vehicle.

Lots of tire tracks in the snow

! ! Pay Attention ! !


Let's face it, driving can be just plain difficult in the snow. Make sure to anticipate what your next move is going to be and give yourself lots of

room for turns and stopping.


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